The Bowery

The Bowery Theatre is our purpose-built 200-seat performance venue named in honour of the late Leigh Bowery.


The Bowery Theatre @ STACC will reflect the arts and culture of Brimbank’s richly diverse community. It will be a place where art can be celebrated, ideas discussed, arts education explored and bold entertainment experienced. The Bowery will soon be known for bold and diverse programming.

Leigh Bowery who was born, raised and educated in Sunshine.

Although relatively unknown in his home country, he was considered one of the most influential arts figures in London and New York during the 1980s and 1990s. Bowery was a leader in avant-garde performance art, music, film and fashion design. Bowery’s genre was as provocateur.


Bowery was a shrewd social commentator, expressed through art. His work was influenced by times of unprecedented social, cultural and political change in Britain. Bowery is credited with influencing a generation of artists and designers.


Leigh Bowery left an outstanding legacy of ground-breaking works of art, ideas and spirit, which still inspire contemporary artists to be bold, as he was.

The Bowery Theatre

The Bowery Theatre provides a symbiotic link between past and present and will help encourage future generations of performers and artists using this facility to knock down barriers and strive for success.

The Bowery Theatre recognises

The late Leigh Bowery (26 March 1961 – 31 December 1994)
*Leigh Bowery, Photograph c1980s  kindly provided by the Bowery family

Jack Sheridan (3 September 1930 – 3 February 2016)
*Photograph c1953 kindly provided by the Sheridan family

The Jack Sheridan Atrium

The Jack Sheridan Atrium welcomes you to the St Albans community Centre and recognises an esteemed Brimbank community advocate and former mayor of Keilor.


Under the late Jack Sheridan’s leadership, the St Albans Community Co-operative Ltd donated $2.5 million to the St Albans Community Centre redevelopment, enabling Brimbank Council to add a performing arts space to the facility.


A resident of Kealba for more than 40 years and a much respected and tireless community volunteer, Jack was also a hard working member of the St Albans Historical Society, The Black Powder Mill, Friends of Iramoo environment group and was a passionate advocate for the Arts. In his career as a fire-fighter with the MFB, Jack Sheridan spent more than a decade stationed in St Albans.