Schools Booking Form - Summer of The Seventeenth Doll by Ray Lawler

  • NOTE: This for is NOT a booking confirmation or ticket.
  • Pricing

  • All schools bookings are processed via a 2020 School Booking Form from a teacher.

    Pricing for schools bookings are:
    $15 per student;
    $15 per additional teacher(s).

    Note: One teacher for every 20 students is free
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  • Booking Details

    Date: WEDNESDAY 25 MARCH 2020
    Time: 11am
  • Please note

  • 1) Your booking is only confirmed once you have received your tickets.
    2) The Bowery ticketing terms and conditions apply to all bookings.
    3) If you are paying via invoice, we can hold your booking temporarily while we process payments.
    4) All payments and bookings for schools MUST be finalised a minimum of two weeks prior to the show time.
    5) Schools accept liability for teachers, students and belongings relating to all school bookings.
    6) Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the performance commencement time.
    7) Teachers are expected to maintain direct supervision of students at all times with adherence to teacher/student ratios.
    8) We maintain the highest OH&S standards at the venue. Please see our reception for any issues regarding First Aid, Incident Reporting, Child Safety Standards and Emergencies.