Exhibitions @STACC


Awakening: my vision

By Tadros Hanna

Tadros is an Egyptian artist who has recently arrived in Brimbank. He studied Fine Arts in Cairo and worked in the creative industries for the past two decades as both an architect and an interior designer. Since his arrival in Australia he has resumed his arts practice. This exhibition of new work incorporates paintings that combine rich iconography while evoking complex mythologies and spiritual traditions of Egypt, including the Coptic and Islamic faith.

Throughout November

other: queer stories past and present

By Wild Books Collective

During queer history month, the Wild Books Collective’s exhibition will introduce you to people of diverse genders and sexualities from the Western Suburbs.

  • Meet Gordon Doak (22/8/1931- 12/4/2015), who built his two story home in Sunshine and ran from Tottenham to Melbourne’s Botanical gardens in 1973 to join a picnic created as part of Melbourne’s first gay pride week.
  • Meet Ellen Tremayne, who was employed as a housemaid in a public house in Melton after Immigrating from Ireland in 1856, but carved out a life as a blacksmith and miner in Bendigo and Blackwood under the name Edward de Lacy Evans.
  • Meet LGBTQI people who live, work and play in the western suburbs, people who are, and who always have been, a part of our rich and diverse local community.

Throughout October


Jacek Pakula

Edging – exploration the boundaries between the sub and supraliminal.

23 June –  25 July

Steven Christie

Steven Christie’s constructed drawings explore architectural elements which are erased and redrawn or reconfigured into new sections. In a sense, erasure in his works function as a process of constant renewal, much like the process of urban renewal.

25 July – 10 September