Exhibitions @STACC


Pit Paintings: Matthew Simpson

In the Gallery

Matthew’s abstract paintings create form, pattern and structure through repetition lines. The technique involves both random and considered mark-making to gradually build a colour field of emerging forms.

Until 4 March (No charge)


Katawan at Gunita: Jennifer Ferguson

In the Gallery

Jennifer Arllen Ferguson’s practice focuses on the diasporic body and notions of belonging and unbelonging. The Katawan at Gunita series of performances explores the inseparable link between body and trauma.

27 April -10 June (No charge)


Soliloquy - Australian Landscape: Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper

In the Gallery

Soliloquy – a series of contemplative works, rich in colour with a luminous quality that captures the elemental forces of land and sky and their dramatic but transient meteorological moods.

15 June 29 July (No Charge)