7 February 2020

Friday, 8pm

Adult $28, Concession $22

Location: The Bowery Theatre, STACC


Even the most unreasonable behaviour has a reason. A simple journey – of two friends and a night out – becomes a hilarious hallucination as they race against time and their own anxiety to keep a brave face and Have A Good Time.

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Everything will go well, because they’re both totally fine. No really. They’re fine. Just have to remember the tickets, get on the train, make it to the show on time, obey the law, make conversation, keep smiling and remember to breathe. A brand new sketch comedy for anyone who’s ever had one of those days.

After all, the most important thing is to look like you’re having fun, right? RIGHT?!!? As our desperate and dysfunctional heroes fall further into chaos, we follow them into the bizarre world of the anxious mind.

With all the comedic aplomb of French & Saunders, The Mighty Boosh and Monty Python (but with 50% more queers), you’ll be tickled and pickled by a brand-new sketch comedy about the ridiculous ways that our brains get in the way of life. Their hilarious and ridiculous attempts to catch public transport are interrupted by sketches that demonstrate the nonsensical way that an anxious brain works. You’ll laugh at how absurd life can be and recognise yourself along the way.

Image credit: Jack Dixon-Gunn