15 March 2019


What happened in France in 1944 changed Nancy Wake forever but this time around, no one is messing with her story.

She evaded capture by the Gestapo and was one of only thirteen female special agents to survive the war. Was the price she paid too high? In a hallucinatory review of her life, Nancy’s story unfolds with humour and pathos, together with a cast of comrades from the forests of France. Among them a mysterious German spy and cabaret singer, who performs Marlene Dietrich’s most beloved songs.

Underground is the story of an adventurous and iconic Australian woman during one of history’s darkest periods. However, Nancy Wake doesn’t want another layer of gold paint added to the legend of The White Mouse. What happened in France in 1944 changed her forever but this time no one is messing with her story… she tells it her way with trademark roguishness.

Writer Christine Croyden

Director Sara Grenfell

Designer Christina Logan-Bell

Lighting Designer Brook Van Eerden

Cast Margot Knight, Victoria McCann, Billy Sloane, Emma Annand, Ezra Bix