The Lurid Language of the Undergrowth: Ash Coates

3 August - 30 September 2018

9am – 5pm Monday to Friday
No Charge


Presented as a part of Melbourne Fringe Westside.

Undergrowth represents symbiotic relationships of plants, fungi and bacteria cultures, giving rise to transformations of microorganisms, transmigration of cells and the distribution of nutrients within the environment our bodies. Or simply put, this is ART vs SCIENCE.

Coates is a painter who regularly exhibits in and around Melbourne. His landscape works draw from images of both real and imaginary places, examining relationships between micro and macro worlds, including the forms, patters and networks that exist within them. Working in collaboration with illustrators and animators, his work has travelled to Scotland, Japan and America.

Image: Undergrowth 2017 by Ash Coates