13 October 2019


Session: 1: 2pm
Session 2: 2.30pm
Session 3: 3pm
Session 4: 3.30pm

No charge


Parents have you ever wondered how your kids really see you? Find out with this interactive arts experience for the whole family.

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With our ever-growing desire to document each moment of our lives, children often become the reluctant subject of their parent’s camera. I See You Like This turns the camera around, allowing your child to view you as the subject through the lens of their own imagination.

With an exciting selection of materials and objects, the child uses their adult’s face as the canvas for a unique, and often beautifully bizarre, portrait. Children direct a professional photo shoot and have the result showcased in an exhibition at The Bowery Theatre from Wednesday, 15 October to Saturday, 2 November.

At the end of it all, take home your stunning photos!

Families of one adult and their child / children can book a 30 minute spot. Enjoy snacks and other fun activities from 2pm to 4pm.

Presented by: Jessica Wilson with designer Matilda Woodroofe