17 May 2019

6pm – 8pm



Come and hang with us, Arts West and Ethereal Andy at this special networking event for artists in the West.

We join forces with Arts West to present this talk and networking event featuring Ethereal Andy for artists in the West.

Ethereal Andy’s take on his work?

I aim to create innovative multi-cross work that defy the boundaries of theatre / performance art / and visual art. Allowing the audience to be part of the project, viewers and explorers. 

Art was and always has been, a way to shape communities, make political statements and fight for the social rights of humanity; hence I focus on giving a deep message to my projects and acts, in the hope of moving toward a wiser society, transcending from labels and filters and giving back to the audience a raw, unprocessed and organic fuel for their minds.

Catch Up Club is presented in partnership with Infuse Artist Networking Series.